Older brother and business partner to Nick Vaccaro, Anthony began his game development experience back in late 2002 several years before the Indie boom, while sites like Newgrounds were still boiling hot with Flash games. Never able to release a full title with his then-college compadre, Anthony nonetheless worked feverishly developing skills in art and animation for Flash which would, in many ways, become vital for his resurgence into full fledged development a decade later.

Anthony has a background of travel, having lived in Pennsylvania most of his life before moving to Los Angeles to pursue a life's adventure. He studied voice over acting there, all the while dreaming of being the voice of the next "Commander Shepard" or "Solid Snake", before eventually returning to the East Coast to develop his own games alongside his brother Nicholas. Like Nick, he understands the Indie road is long and treacherous, but he is addicted to the risk-for-reward mindset, and is determined to fail until they succeed.