Mike played Super Mario World, his first game at age 5. After that he played a few games but it wasn’t until he played Super Mario RPG that he knew he was hooked – video games opened an incredible world for him to interact with stories. He hungrily consumed all manner of games over several years, from Final Fantasy VII to Counter Strike to World of Warcraft. Games are such a big part of Mike’s life and have had a powerful impact on him, so much so that he knew he wanted to make them.

Nick and Mike met in their freshmen year of college and even then knew they wanted to make games. Their first attempt wasn’t much, and after putting so much thought and design resulting in limited success in producing anything real, it seemed their dream was just out of reach… Until Synersteel that is. Mike graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Drexel University and has been a part of Synersteel since Spell Bound.