Never happier to be anywhere but here

I can't quite explain how excited I am to be doing what we're doing at Verus.  It's been nearly a year since Nicholas and I began our personal projects just to see how technically savvy we were, how quickly we could progress without too much collateral damage.  I can say objectively that we have progressed exponentially since our first attempt at a video game (TimeGem), and that takes into account not only our ambition, but also our willingness to work.  Throughout my life I've met a lot of ambitious people, many of whom have not known how to take the first step to realize their goal (whatever it had been), and their ambition remained nothing more than ambition bearing no fruit. 

We are not far at Verus, by the standards of so many other Indie developers.  We are barely out of the jungle as far as our evolution of game design, art direction, and personal technical innovation is concerned.  We are garnering years worth of experience within mere months of time, and are progressing earnestly, honestly, and willfully into the future of ourselves and the realization of our dreams, which is unified under video games that make a difference in the minds of those who play them.  Video games that unite people together co-operatively rather than competitvely.  Game design that challenges and satisfies, rather than rewards.  And an experience that grows with you as much as it helps you to grow.

We're still learning.  Please learn with us, and become a part of who we are and what the next stage of video game evolution will be. 

Thanks for reading, and thank you for playing.